Before attempting any of the troubleshooting suggested in this article, make sure your account is linked to a secure login method.

If your account is not linked, you will very likely lose all of your progress.

You can find instructions on how to link your account here.


There are multiple reasons why your game might crash.

First of all, make sure that you're playing the game on a supported device that meets the minimum requirements. Keep in mind that even though the game may launch on an unsupported device, it may not run well.

Guardian Tales is designed for mobile devices, and while it is possible to play it on PC using Google Play Games, we're not able to provide support for playing Guardian Tales using emulators.

If Guardian Tales keeps crashing on a device that should be able to run the game, please try the following suggestions:

  1. Turn off all applications running in the background apart from Guardian Tales
  2. Check your OS version and update to the latest version if possible
  3. Check your network(Wi-Fi/data) connection
  4. Reboot your mobile device
  5. Lower the graphic settings on Guardian Tales
    • In-game – upper right corner – Cogwheel icon
    • Scroll down – Set frame rate to “Low”

If the problem persists, please remove Guardian Tales completely from your mobile device and do a cache clear, then try installing it again when you're connected to a network with good Wi-Fi/Mobile Data (be aware the installation may be several 100 MB of data)

If none of the steps outlined above works, please send our support team a ticket by clicking the "Contact Us" button below and provide us with a screenshot or video demonstrating the issue or where the crash happens.