Minimum Specifications

OS version5.0 or higher13.0 or higher
RAM3GB or overiPhone 7 Plus and above / iPad 7th generation and above
CPUOver 2.0GHzOver 2.0GHz
StorageOver 4GBOver 4GB

⚠️ If your device does not meet the minimum requirements you will not be able to run the game smoothly.

Unsupported Devices

Please note that Guardian Tales no longer supports Amazon Fire Tablets. Running Guardian Tales on a Fire Tablet may trigger the automated cheat detection system, which will cause sanctions against the account accessed with the device.

Please also note that Guardian Tales won't be able to run without Google Play, which means that the game will not run on certain Huawei devices. For more information, please check this article.

Supported Controller

Xbox One

⚠️ Unfortunately, Guardian Tales was designed to run on mobile devices/iPads only, and emulators are not officially supported, so we are unable to provide any support related to issues appearing only on emulators.