How do I link my account?

You can link your account via our website, here. Scroll down and follow the instructions.

  1. Click the button to Log in to Twitch.

  2. Select your server and click the button corresponding to your login method to link your Guardian Tales account to your Twitch account.

If you want to confirm that your account is connected, open Twitch > Drops & Rewards > All Campaigns > search for Guardian Tales > click on it to open the dropdown and scroll down. You should see the following:

What if I have a guest account?

It’s not possible to link a guest account to Twitch. 

If you have a guest account, you need to link it to a login method first. You can find instructions for how to do that here.

How do I unlink my account?

Use the same page as when you linked the account, here. Scroll down and click the Unlink button. You can now link another account to your Twitch account or relink the same account.

Why am I not receiving any drops?

First of all, make sure you’re watching an eligible stream and that the drops are awarded to your Twitch account. You can see a list of active GT Streamers with drops enabled here [with a drop tag, make sure it's there]. 

Second, please note that Twitch drops are only available during certain events, and only for a limited time. If you're watching a stream and no drops appear, it may very well be that Twitch drops aren't active at the time. To find out about Twitch drop campaigns, keep an eye on our social media, as we'll share info about it there.

Why do my drops not get delivered in-game?

If your Twitch account is awarded the drops, but the rewards don’t show up in-game, make sure you have selected the correct login method and the correct server.

If you linked the wrong account or server, unlink the account and set up the link again.

Finally, please note that it can sometimes take several hours for drops to arrive (but it's usually quick). If it's been more than 24 hours since you earned the drop on Twitch, and you still haven't received it, please let us know.

Can you move my drops to another account?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Stream timing, drop logic, reward distribution, and account management are all handled by Twitch. This means that Guardian Tales Customer Support is unable to verify how long someone has watched a stream or what GT account their Twitch account is linked to.

Drop rewards for Guardian Tales are sent to an account when the signal comes from Twitch that the reward has been claimed. If no such signal arrives, that means the account is not eligible for the reward. 

To be eligible for the reward, link the Guardian Tales account to Twitch and watch a GT stream with drops enabled.

I forgot to link my account. Can you give me the drops?

Guardian Tales Customer Support is not able to provide drops that were earned before the correct account was linked to Twitch. 

For details, see the answer to the previous question.

I have another question

If your question is not answered above, please contact us using the button below, and we'll see about figuring it out.