Initially, you can link the account right after finishing the tutorial. In case you want to link your Guest account later on, please follow these steps:

-  Open the game and go to the home screen.  
-  Click on the "Options"  menu at the top right of the screen. 
- Select the "Account Settings" tab and click on "Connect Account":     



Now, if you do not see the "Connect Account" button, this means your account is already linked. It should look like this:

Please note that due to technical limitations and privacy reasons, our Game Masters cannot see the specific account you used as a linking method.

For example, what our GMs can see is if your GT account is linked to Facebook, Google, Apple, or not linked (in other words, a guest account).

What they cannot see is the specifics, like the following:

  • FirstName LastName on Facebook

  • [insertemailhere]

  • [insertemailhere]