Are you a new Test Subject looking for glory on the battlefield? Easy to learn hard to master? Would you like to feel confident about gameplay tactics, strategies, or just the basics to survive and succeed in Lumia Island?

Then look on further, the Mentee Program and a Mentor is all you need today!

What is a Mentor?

Mentors, experienced players forged by countless hours of battles, are here to help you through your learning process for Eternal Return. They are well-known figures within the community, recognized for assisting new players and resolving in-depth game-related queries.

You can find a Mentor that is most suitable for your needs based on server, language, time slots, and areas you want to improve in the game!

Are you already experienced enough and want to become a Mentor? Then apply here.

Player Learning Journey

The player’s journey with their Mentor includes:

  • Understanding game basics controls.

  • Learning about different characters, their abilities, best uses, augment, or weapons.

  • Navigating the game modes and utilizing resources and builds effectively, including the best-outsourced sites for it.

  • Advanced gameplay strategies and techniques. And finally Ranked system.

How to apply as a Mentee

Are you interested in improving your skills and knowledge? Then it's time to leave your application as a Mentee in our official Discord!

All you need to do is provide the following key details to find the perfect Mentor for you, under the dedicated channel #mentee-application* on Discord:

*join Discord to view the dedicated channels.

  • Username

  • Server

  • Reason for seeking coaching

  • Preferred coaching times

  • Preferred language

  • Current skill level

  • Key areas they want to improve 

A Mentor will reach out to you as soon as they are available!
You can also view the list of Mentors available for the current month in the same channel, on the pinned messages.
If you haven't been contacted by a Mentor yet, you can always jump into the #mentors-talk channel and talk to them directly.


Once your sessions with a Mentor take place you may be contacted by a Kakao Games Community Manager, please make sure to check your DMs as it is crucial to confirm your participation with said Mentor to avoid any abuse and keep the program healthy and safe.

Please Note:

The main focus of the program is to help new players get accustomed to Eternal Return.

If you're already an experienced player, we ask that you refrain from applying as a mentee at this time. Our resources are currently aimed at assisting newcomers,  while we're considering extending support to experienced or competitive players in the future.

If you're experienced but feel you have a unique reason to apply, please make sure to clarify this with your potential mentor.


Thanks for understanding!