Attention all residents! We are thrilled to introduce our Mentor Program! 

We're calling on all game veterans and community stalwarts to lend their wisdom and guide our newcomers' journey (Mentees) through Lumia Island.

This is a fantastic opportunity to leverage your knowledge, meet new players, and yes, earn some incredible rewards like our monthly allotment of Neuron Points, exclusive access to new character coupons upon release, and many more!

Are you new to the game and looking for a Mentor? Then check how to apply as a Mentee here!

Mentor Program Process:

  • Community Persona:  The potential Mentor must be a well-known figure within the community, recognized for assisting new players and resolving in-depth game-related queries. They should have a positive reputation and be respected by their peers for their knowledge and conduct.

  • Commitment to the Program:  It's necessary to have the Mentorship performance and feedback tracked as a crucial part of retaining the program. To do so, Mentors must be willing to share their records/KPI via an individual sheet that will be provided by the staff in case of approval. It's an important requirement to be 'responsive and collaborative' after being accepted and while running the mentorship.
    If Mentors fail to provide the requested info, the CM team will reach out to them once, and in case of a lack of collaboration, their mentorship will end, and will not be eligible for rewards for that month.

  • Activity Levels:  Applicants should be active in the game and on our Discord channel. This regular interaction will ensure they stay updated about game developments and community needs.

  • Approval:  The potential mentor must be vetted and approved by the Kakao Games Community Management Discord team. This step is necessary to ensure their compatibility with the program's ethos and goals.

  • Game Experience & Conduct:  The applicant's in-game account will be evaluated to determine their gaming proficiency and overall behavior. This includes their gameplay stats, how they interact with other players, and their adherence to our community rules. This is especially important for those Partners that wish to have the role, as their image will be publicly displayed.

  • Integration with Partners Program:  Existing members of the Partner Program (streamers, content creators, etc.) are welcome to apply to become mentors.  It is possible to stream their coaching sessions, host relevant events, or create content around their mentoring experiences, after a mutual agreement with their Mentee; in some cases, this can grant extra rewards.
    Please note that the monthly rewards will be merged between the 2 programs and are not cumulative.
    *How to apply to the ER Content & Partners Program
  • Regional Coverage:  As the program aims to serve all regions, mentors need to be familiar with the player dynamics of their respective regions and find a match that is convenient for the Mentee as well. It’s important in terms of the language barrier and time zones in certain regions.

  • Everything happens in one place, Discord

    All communications with the Kakao Games Community Managers will occur in English via Discord DMs and/or email provided during the application.

    How to Mentor

  1. Once your application is approved and meet the requirements, you may be contacted by a Kakao Games Community Manager and will get the Mentor role.
  2. You may not be contacted for the following reasons:
    • Too many mentors have been added for the current month (you'll be added to the waiting list for the following month and be contacted later)
    • You didn't meet the requirements.
    • Your Conduct is not aligned with the community and/or the company.
  3. Your name will be added to the list posted and updated every month in the #mentee-application, where Mentees will leave their applications for you to pick up.
  4. You will also get access to:
    • Mentor talk channel: A place where to talk to other Mentors and Mentees about anything related to the program and mentorship in general
    • Mentor Council: A place for all communications between the staff and Mentors only
    • Mentor's Rooms: Voice Channels for the sessions with your Mentees
  5. After each session fill in the Personal Mentor Tracking doc provided with the time spent and the Mentees' details
  6. Requirements:
    • 2 sessions/hours minimum per month.
    • 500+ hours of playtime.
    • Platinum 1+ Rank (4500RP) during the previous/highest Season.
    • Respond to Community Managers via Discord DMs or email.
    • Fill in the "Personal Mentor Tracking Sheet" provided by CMs on approval.
      If one or more requirements are not met, you will not be eligible for the role or monthly rewards, your name will be removed from the list in the channels, and you'll need to re-apply to the program in the future.
      If you need to take a break for a month or two make sure to communicate it to the Kakao Games Staff in advance.
    • Users not providing all the details mentioned above are not eligible and may not be contacted back.
  7. At the end of every month, there will be an activity check to distribute rewards, and you will have to confirm via email to be added to the next month's list to keep receiving rewards and be listed as Mentor.
  8. Applications may be temporarily closed due to reaching the maximum number of Mentors during a Season.
  • Player Learning Journey:  The player’s journey with their Mentor should include:
    • Understanding game basics controls.
    • Learning about different characters, their abilities, best uses, augment, or weapons.
    • Navigating the game modes and utilizing resources and builds effectively. Best outsourced sites for it.
    • Advanced gameplay strategies and techniques > Ranked system.

Monthly Mentor Rewards

  • 500 Event NP (14 Days) - Sent to mailbox, 1 time
    • *Bonus 300 Event NP (14 Days) 
  • Skin Data Sets - 3 Coupons
  • Research Center Data Boxes - 3 Coupons
  • New Character (upon release) - 3 Coupons

*Bonus 300 Event NP eligibility: 6+hours per month completed with one or multiple Mentees (it must be confirmed to the KG staff by Mentees)


By submitting your application, you will accept all of the above.

Do you have what it takes to become a master teacher of Eternal Return? Then get your name inscribed in the annals of Eternal Return history now!

Please apply here below and fill in the fields shared below. 
If you have any doubts, please get in touch with any of our Kakao Games Community Managers on Discord

See you in the game! 🎮