Your vision is shared with your teammates and vice versa.

Falling to 0 HP will Down you. Upon being downed, your teammate(s) can stand on top of your body and right click you to channel your restoration. Upon being restored by your teammate you can then rejoin the fight.

Deaths before Day 3 are not permanent. After your death timer reaches 0 you can choose to Rapidly Reconstruct in any zone (exception: Abandoned Dock and the Research Center).

After the start of Day 3, any players who die will no longer be able to Rapidly Reconstruction, with the exception of an ally escaping to the Abandoned Dock.

Teammates may choose to revive you for 250 Credits at any Kiosk in the game between the start of Day 3 and the End of Night 4

If a member of the team escapes to the Abandoned Dock, all other teammates will be transported there as well. More information on escaping to the Abandoned Dock can be found Here.

If you are killed, enemy players can loot any item in your inventory or equipped to your person. 
If you have a Rare Resource (Meteor, Tree of Life, etc.), it will be lost upon Rapid Reconstruction. Items that can be lost in this manner will have a note in their description.

  • Legendaries (obtained from Crafting or through Air Supply Drops) will not be lost upon Rapid Reconstruction.
  • Any Legendary grade equipment on a player that is killed will be converted to a Reward bundle which can be used to obtain Credits.

Dead Test Subjects will remain on the map for a set period of time.

Credits obtained from hunting Mutant Animals or killing Players are shared between the hunter and nearby teammate if the teammate is within a certain distance.