Ever felt like it was doomed? Well, now you can say “screw the establishment!” and simply walk out without losing any points.

  • A successful escape will guarantee 10+ RP gain, while having a chance to gain RP depending on placement and kill(s).

  • You’ll need a Rootkit to prepare for escape.

  • You can obtain Rootkit through the Kiosk for 150 Credits 

  • The Rootkit will allow you to hyperloop to the Abandoned Dock.

    • You can access the Abandoned Dock starting from day 3. As soon as you enter, you can no longer go back to Lumia Island.

    • You can only teleport to the Abandoned Dock if there are 3 or more teams left in Squad.

    • If two teams use the Rootkit, no further access to the escape dock will be allowed.

    • Upon entering the Abandoned Dock in any team mode, all allies (including eliminated ones) will be revived inside the Abandoned Dock.

  • If two teams have entered the Abandoned Dock/question mark area, they’ll have to fight for the privilege to use the submarine!

    • Only one team can escape!

    • After teleporting to the Abandoned Dock there will be a 60 second timer before escape
  • If 1st Place is already decided, the Abandoned Dock is not immediately destroyed, and you can try to escape for 1 minute.

You cannot Rootkits when Escape is no longer possible. The conditions for such are:

  • There are currently only 2 teams left
  • A team has already successfully escaped
  • There are already 2 teams in the Abandoned Dock
  • Your entire team is alive