Players sometimes report that their game crashed during a summon and that they lost their Gems without receiving anything in return.

If this happens to you, it is important to note that the summon completes even if the game crashes, and even if the summoning animation doesn’t complete.

The summoning is handled server-side, and it’s instant. It’s completed the moment you confirm that you want to spend the Gems or Summon Controllers on the summon. The animation that you see in-game is there to raise anticipation and make the summoning more exciting, but it has no impact on whether or not the summon was successful.

What if my gems are gone and I didn’t receive any heroes or weapons?

The issue here is that since the game crashed, you did not see what you summoned.

This doesn’t mean nothing was summoned, but it can be hard to tell what. For example, if you summoned only heroes that you already have, they would all have been turned into Hero Crystals.

Fortunately, the game nowadays includes a feature called Summon History that lets you see your most recent summons. You’ll find it on the Summons page, right under the Summon Chance button.