Hero Reset Stones are valuable resources in the game since they allow you to completely reset the hero's progress. They were introduced in the update of November 3rd, 2020, and since then, only one can be obtained by completing the beginner mission 165-Learn Awakening Ability 160 times(s).

By using a Hero Reset Stone, the player will recover the resources used in the character's development (Experience Points, Gold, Awakening Stones, and Hero Crystals). However, this will only happen with unique characters; with common and rare characters, the player will only recover Hero Crystals.

The Hero Reset Stone only works when the hero is grade 4 or higher.

To use a Hero Reset Stone, simply go to the window of the Hero you want to reset, select the Reset icon and accept the change. All resources will be returned immediately and the character will be returned to level 1.

If you press this button accidentally, you will always receive a confirmation message asking you if you truly want to proceed with the change. In this message, you will also be able to see which resources you'll get once the Reset is completed.


Awakening Reset Stones are rare resources in the game since they have an incredible ability: reset the Awakening of a character. The Awakening Reset Stones were included in the game in the update of September 8th, 2020, and currently, only one can be obtained through the Beginner Mission 118-Learn Awakening ability 100 time(s).

By using an Awakening Reset Stone, the player will retrieve all the stones used to open the nodes in the character's awakening and nothing else. The gold spent to unlock the nodes will not be returned.

To use an Awakening Reset Stone you simply have to go to the Awakening window, within the general menu of the character, and select the Reset button. Once this is done, the game will ask if you want to continue, accept and the reset will be done, you will immediately receive all the stones you spent.

Once you press this button, you will receive a warning message asking if you're sure you want to proceed. Also, in this window, you'll be able to see which resources you'll receive in case you're just wondering if resetting that specific character is the right choice.

Both Hero Reset Stones and Awakening Reset Stones are precious resources that can only be obtained once (outside of special events), so use them wisely.