Table of Contents:

  1. General Summary
  2. How to Join
  3. How to Participate
  4. Progress
  5. Base Types and Effects
  6. Stages and Defenses
  7. Markers
  8. Guild Conquest Rewards
  9. Schedule
  10. Important Notes

*Please note, some parts in this article are not definitive and might be subject to change.

The Guild Conquest (beta) will be added after October 19th's maintenance. This brings yet another possibility for you and your guild to enjoy the game together.

If you are unsure how to play Guild Conquests, here's a guide that will provide you with a general explanation of what it is and how it works:


  • Guild Conquests are PvE-oriented content that involves ousting enemy forces with Guild Members and conquering enemy bases.
  • Guild Conquests will be open for 2 weeks and progress differently for each round.
  • Guild Members will design an optimal route under the Guild Master's command (also by utilizing markers) and can play strategically.
  • The goal is to neutralize each Stage's defenses, occupy Control Towers to progress to the next stage, and occupy the enemy's Command Headquarters within the enemy's post.


  • From the main lobby in Heavenhold, click on the 'Reservoir Snakes' banner located on the top right corner to directly go into Guild Conquest 'beta' mode.
  • You need to combine powers with your guild members in order to occupy the enemies' Bases:
    • If you touch the Base you wish to occupy, you can check the information of the occupying enemies at the Base and also check the Conquest Effects the Base will give upon occupation.
    • You can change your Party Settings, do a Practice round, or consume an Attack chance (3/3 given) on this window as well.
    • Even if you fail to clear a normal Base stage, your participation count and hero usage count will not be deducted.

  • From the main Guild Conquest screen, you will be able to see 'Conquest Records' where you can see the Base Occupation records, Tactical Base Occupation Effects, and Guild Member Participation records.

  • You can also check the Boss Info of the Stages you are or 'Mid-Bosses' and the 'Final Boss' info, as well. These bosses are more challenging and may require your guild members to attack together (same as fighting bosses in Guild Raids).


  • All Guild Members can enter base battles for the enemy's post 3 times a day.
  • Occupied bases can not be attacked again.
  • Each Hero can only participate in the Guild Conquest once a day.
    • There will be 'Strategy Records' shown to see which heroes (parties) you have used visible on a Base window.
  • Participation Counts and Hero use Counts will not be consumed for failing normal Battle Stages.
  • You will go through multiple battles to occupy camps and various bases and defeat Mid-Bosses in the Control Tower of stages 1 to 3, then ultimately face off against the Final Boss in the Command Headquarter of the final stage.
  • Guilds that occupy the Control Tower early may get additional rewards by attacking Supply Trucks that will appear upon occupation of the Stages.


  • If you occupy a Base, the defense points (shown as Def in-game) within the stages will be reduced which neutralizes the defense system of the Control Tower.
    • You will want to occupy Camps in order to bring down the defense system of the Control Tower, and also occupy Tactical Bases to benefit from additional bonus effects as the Mid-Boss of the stage may be too difficult to fight at first.
  • If you clear all of the stages available per Base or deplete the Mid-Boss monster's HP to "0," you will have occupied the Base.
    • You cannot progress further until the Def of the Control Tower on the Stage you are on is at 0. You will have to complete a stage first to move on to the next stage.
    • You can occupy the Supply Trucks that appear after the occupation of the stage for additional bonuses.


  • If you defeat the Mid Boss inside the Control Tower midway into the Stage, all unoccupied Bases on that stage will automatically be occupied, and the next Stage will unlock.
    • There are Level 1 to 4 stages in the Base and the higher the level, the more difficult it will be to clear.

  • Progress step by step until you get to the Command Headquarters located the farthest into the conquest map and defeat the final boss monsters.


  • Occupying the normal camps and tactical bases around the Control Tower of the Stage will give conquest effects that will help you in fighting the bosses of each Stage.
    • It is recommended that the Guild Master plans out the strategy on which Bases to attack and which to wait so that the entire Guild can effectively occupy the Stage and move on.
  • Some Bases like Control Towers, upon occupation, will result in the accumulation of Round Rewards. Accumulated Round Rewards will be obtained after the round is over.
    • Each round is subject to run for a week (tentative)

Base Type

Base Name




A Base to form defense systems for each Stage. The defenses of the following Stage will be broken by a certain amount if occupied.

Round Rewards

Command Headquarter

The Conquests' main goal is where the enemy force's boss appears. Supply Trucks will be revealed once it's occupied. The final boss will appear here.

Supply Truck

A reward base that gives Gems and Battle Medals. All rewards from the Supply Truck will be accumulated for Round Rewards and be given to all Guild Members after the round is over.

Control Tower

A Base that differentiates areas and Stages. Occupying it will result in complete occupation of the area and Stage. Occupying it will also unlock the next Stage.


Communication Center

A tactical Base to weaken the enemies of each Stage. All enemy bosses' and monsters' levels within the Stage will be lowered once occupied.


A Base to strengthen allies for each Stage. Allies will be given advantageous effects for the battle within the Stage once occupied.

Ammunition Deposit

A tactical Base that deals damage to nearby areas. It can deal a certain amount of damage to the target Base's Boss monster or increase the Clear Count. However, it cannot bring down the BOss monster's HP into 0 or achieve all Clear Counts.

Command Center

A tactical Base that applies Special Rules of the Base to the placed area. The Special Rules will be removed once occupied.

Artillery Battalion

A tactical Base that directly deals damage to the enemy Boss monster. It will deal a certain amount of damage to the BOss by bombarding once occupied.


  • Guild Conquest differentiates progress via Stages, and each Stage has a Def value which represents the area's defenses.
  • Each Stage's Def reduces after occupying a Base and once it reaches 0, the defenses of that Stage will be neutralized.
  • After the Stage's defenses are neutralized from the Def being reduced to 0, you can attack the Control Tower which controls the Stage.


  • On the Base's map, you can set a marker to strategically participate in the Guild Conquest along with your guild members.
    • Only the Guild Master can designate the marker on the map.
    • Please select a Marker and register it to a Base.
    • You can save your marker settings or reset to start over.


  • You can earn Participation Rewards, Conquest Rewards, and Round Rewards by participating in Guild Conquest.

Reward Type


Participation Rewards

Battle Medals will be given as a reward each time you attack a Base.

You can receive Participation Rewards up to 3 times a day.

Conquest Rewards

After occupying a Base, all Guild Members will be rewarded with the Base's Conquest Rewards. However, even if you restart the Conquest by rejoining the Guild, you cannot repeatedly obtain the Conquest Reward you already received within the season.

Round Rewards

When the Round is over, all Guild Members who participated in Conquest will obtain the accumulated Round Rewards based on the Occupation Records.

*Round Rewards can be received at the Guild Castle for 2 weeks after the Round is over.



  • The Guild Conquest "beta" will take place for two weeks at a time and will launch officially once the final version is ready.
    • A "round" in a Guild Conquest is to run for a week (tentative schedule)
  • You and your guild will be able to participate in guild content following this schedule: Guild Conquest "beta" → Meteor Excavation → Guild Raid → Meteor Excavation → Guild Conquest"beta" with each guild content progressing for two weeks at a time.
  • The rewards you can claim from participating in Guild Conquest "beta" will be similar to that of what you can claim from doing Guild Raids.


  • You must have joined a guild first in order to be able to participate in the Guild Conquest "beta."
  • You can participate at max 3 times per day.
  • If your game client shuts down abnormally or you give up during the final boss monster fight, your participation count and hero usage count will not be deducted.
  • If you join a new guild while that guild is in a Guild Conquest already, you will not obtain the rewards again for clearing a Base stage that you have already received the reward for with your previous guild.
    • If it's a brand new stage you clear with your new guild, you will receive the rewards in full.
  • Round Rewards are given based on the guild score of the guild that last participated in the Guild Conquest.
    • If you leave your guild before accepting the Round Rewards, you will not be able to receive them so please be advised of your actions.
  • Please note that Guild Conquests are still in beta mode and this is not the final version. We will make further revisions and adjustments to fix any bugs and refine the quality of the content before the official launch, so stay tuned!