The Farm is a place where you can place some buildings, fish, and plant some seeds to obtain benefits such as Hero Crystals, EXP, and Glistening Powder, as well as to have a space of your own. 

To unlock the Farm, you will need to have cleared World 7.

You can access your Farm through the Exploration Forge:

Thanks to the Crafting Station, you will be able to craft different useful items and materials, decorations, and buildings:

Crafting Station

Items and decoration

The materials needed to craft anything can be acquired on the Farm by attacking and destroying the trees and rocks. Trees and rocks will provide sticks and stones used to craft your desired decorative and functional structures, as well as to craft higher-tier wood and stone products used to upgrade your house and structures.

Upgrading your House allows you to craft more structures and items, such as additional crop tiles. 

Empty Crop Tiles

You can also go to the fishing spot to catch fish. To purchase bait or a better Fishing Rod, talk to the NPC there.

To fish, get closer to the water and tap on the icon with three points:

Afterward, tap on the fish hook icon. Make sure to tap on the icon again right after the fish takes the bait, otherwise, it will escape. Tapping on the icon to catch the fish will start a minigame:

You can sell your fish in exchange for Fishing Coins or you can put them on display in the Aquarium (needs to be crafted first). 

Farm Villagers

You can invite villagers to a party using the BBQ Party Set. This item can be crafted at your Crafting Station.

These villagers have a low probability of settling on your farm. Building a certain object may attract some of them.

Once they're settled, you can place them somewhere specific or let them walk around your Farm freely.