We can help you find your lost account and recover it, as long as it was not suspended due to a violation of our Terms of Service.

If your account has been Connected via Google, Facebook or Apple ID, please ensure that you are on the correct Server and World (in the case of North America). 


You may accidentally be on a different server/world than you usually play Guardian Tales on.

If you are shown a new profile/lv.1 character you have logged in with an account different than the one that is bound to your Guardian Tales progress or have logged into a different server than the one you normally play on.

If you had the Guardian Tales account linked to Google, please note that you will need to select the Google Play account through the following menu in Google:

If your lost account is a Guest account or you cannot locate your account while signed in after checking other servers, please send us a ticket by clicking on the "Contact Us" button below.

* Please fill in as much information as you can to help us speed up our investigation process, such as:

  • Your User name
  • Your User number
  • Your server
  • Your highest level heroes
  • Your main hero party
  • How far you progressed into the chapters