If you’ve lost access to your account, we’ll do our best to help you locate and recover it.

However, there are a few things you can do yourself before contacting us.

Check Server and World

The selected Server and World might have changed on the start screen. This is especially common after a new patch or game maintenance, or if you’ve just reinstalled the game.

You can select your Server and World in the upper right corner of the Guardian Tales start screen:

Check Google Play

If your Guardian Tales account was linked to Google, please note that you will need to select the correct Google Play account through the following menu in Google.

Account Still Lost

If you can’t find your account using the steps above, we’ll be happy to help you look for it. You can contact us using the button below, and you’ll be asked to fill out the following information:

  • Nickname and hashtag
  • User Number - you can find this by clicking the cogwheel button to bring up the Options and then on the Account Settings tab.
  • Server
  • Linking Method

If you don’t remember any of the above information, we may not be able to locate your lost account, but if you recall at least the nickname, we can still try. To help us out, please include as much information as possible in the “Additional Information” section. The following can be helpful:

  • Approximate time of account creation
  • Approximate time you last played
  • Guardian Level
  • The name of the guild you were in
  • The name of one or more guild members you know
  • The name of one or more players on your Friend list
  • The names of your highest-level heroes.
  • The heroes in your main party
  • Your progress through the story’s chapters
  • The name of the hero/weapon/merch in the Training Room
  • Is Farm or Ranch unlocked?
  • Purchase receipt:
  • The model of the device you last used to play on the account

Please note that even with these details, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to locate the account.

Finally, to recover your account progress, it may be necessary to transfer it to a new account you’re able to access. For this, we require the User Number of an account created on the same device, and with progress past the game’s prologue.

To reduce the risk that the account is lost again, we also require that the new account be linked to a login method. You can find out how to link your account here.

Please Note:

We are only able to assist with lost accounts for the Mobile device version of Guardian Tales in the Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania regions. If you're playing Guardian Tales on Switch or in the Asia region, please use one of these links to contact support.