The quests named The Second Painting and The Third Painting do not have their location marked in the map as opposed to their description:

To help a bit with this situation, you can find a hint for the areas in the list below:


The Second Painting

  1. Rookborne Basin

  2. Windscour Savannah

  3. Perinoor Ruins

  4. Hasla

  5. Sanddeep

  6. Hellswamp

  7. Cinderstone Moor

  8. Karkasse Ridgelands

The Third Painting (two different locations)

  1. Marianapole and Austera
  2. Mahadevi and Lilyut Hills
  3. Gweonid Forest and Villanelle
  4. Silent Forest and Solzreed Peninsula
  5. Tigerspine and Dewstone Plains
  6. Airain Rock and Falcorth Plains
  7. Arcum Iris and Two Crowns
  8. Aubre Cradle and Sunbite Wilds