Is ArcheAge really going to shut down?

Yes, unfortunately, on June 27th. You can read the full announcement here.

Can I get a refund?

In accordance with Clause 7 of our Terms of Use, unused Credits and purchased web packages are not eligible for refund.

If you have made your purchase through Steam, please reach out to Steam’s Customer Support, as we are not able to process refunds for purchases made through Steam. Steam’s refund policies may differ from those of Kakao Games.

Any Patron time and Tactful Life buff time remaining after April 25, 2024, will automatically be exchanged to Credits at the following ratio:

  • 1 Day Patron: 50 Credits

  • 1 Day Tactful Life: 41 Credits

While normal refund policies apply, we recognize that this is an exceptional circumstance, and we will refund any purchase made within the last 14 days before this announcement, provided the purchased product has not been claimed from the Web Inventory.

If you want to request a refund, please use the form attached to this article.

Please Note: Credits provided in exchange for Patron time or Tactful Life buff time do not count as reclaimable for credit purchase refunds.

How long will Credits be available for?

Purchasing Credits will no longer be possible as of this announcement. Existing Credits you have in your account’s balance will remain available until the end of the service.

What happens to the Marketplace?

The in-game Marketplace will remain available until the end of the service, along with all your yet unused Credits.

What’s going to happen to my account?

Your personal information stored in the ArcheAge database will be permanently deleted within two weeks of service termination, but your Kakao Games platform account will remain accessible as usual.

If you wish to delete your Kakao Games account, for the purpose of clearing your online footprint or otherwise, please visit your Account page and refer to the “Delete my account” segment at the bottom of the “MY INFORMATION” tab.

Transferring your in-game data to a different region is not possible.

Can I play in a different region?

Like Kakao Games Europe, publishers of ArcheAge in other regions have also implemented IP blocks based on their respective licensing agreements. If you eventually find yourself part of a different publisher’s Territory of Service, you are more than welcome to play. Keep in mind that your EUNA in-game data will not be available in other regions, and you will have to start with a fresh account.

Can I get stuff for free?

We will not be providing items on an individual basis, but we are preparing the equipment giveaway event and progress support event. We hope to make great memories in ArcheAge during the rest of the service. You can find the event details here.

Will there be any more updates to the game?

The April 25 patch is the last content update that will be added to the EU/NA version of ArcheAge. In case a critical issue occurs, additional hotfix patches will be prepared to ensure the game is in a working state.

What will happen to the ArcheAge Partners Program and Discord?

We will no longer accept new applicants to join the ArcheAge Partners program from April 25, 2024. The existing Partners and Creators can continue to enjoy the benefits of the program until June 27, 2024 in which the program will be discontinued. Additionally, the ArcheAge official Discord will remain open until June 27, 2024.