We recognize that with the recent announcement, some of our players may have second thoughts about recent purchases they’ve made in our webshop.

Given that this is a situation outside of the norm, we’re able to make an exception to our regular refund policy. Our FAQ has the following to say:

While normal refund policies apply, we recognize that this is an exceptional circumstance, and we will refund any purchase made within the last 14 days before this announcement, provided the purchased product has not been claimed from the Web Inventory.

We’re happy to accept and address all questions you may have, but please bear in mind that if your purchase was made before the 11th of April, we will not be able to refund it.

If you’d still like to request a refund, contact us by clicking the button below. You’ll be asked to include the name of the product you purchased as well as the date of the purchase, and you’ll have the option to include a custom message or question.

Please note: we’re only able to accept refund requests from the email address associated with the account used for the purchase. If you’ve made purchases for multiple accounts, please submit one request from each account.

What if I made a purchase on Steam?

We are not able to process refunds for purchases made through Steam. Instead, we ask that you reach out to Steam's customer support, and they'll review your request. You can find instructions for how to request a refund through Steam here.