Xigncode is an anti cheat program, and it will prevent ArcheAge from loading if it detects potentially malicious software.

What if I’m not using malicious software and ArcheAge still won’t run?

Xigncode errors most commonly occur when running ArcheAge on a non-Admin Windows account or on a Windows 10 system with an Insider/Technical Preview build.

First of all, please make sure you’re logged in to your Windows Admin account that you’re running the game as an Administrator. If you’re running on an Insider/Technical Preview build, downgrading to the latest Stable build will resolve the issue.

Also, ensure you have the latest build of ArcheAge installed. If you're running an older build, it won't work.

I did that and it’s still not working!

While Xigncode is intended to stop malicious software, it's not uncommon for it to be detected as a threat by other types of security software. This can result in the app getting blocked or quarantined, or in some other way prevented from running. 

Make sure that Xigncode is whitelisted and allowed to run by any security software you're using.

I think it's something else...

Most applications will not cause any issues with Xigncode, but it’s possible that one of them may be falsely detected as malicious. If that’s the case, you can send an email to support@wellbia.com with your Xigncode log as an attachment. After a few minutes you will receive an automated review of the logs with information about what’s been found.

Your xigncode.log file contains useful non-personal information about Xigncode detections of your system, and you can find it by following the below steps:

  1. Launch ArcheAge
  2. Once you get the suspicious program detected window, open the \KakaoGames\ArcheAge\bin64\xigncode folder.
  3. The file you want is named “xigncode.log” and is located in this directory.
  4. Send an email to support@wellbia.com and attach the file. There is no need to enter a subject or message in the mail.

If the information in the reply isn't useful, or if you're still having issues, please use the Contact Us button below to send in a ticket to our support team. Make sure to include your latest xigncode.log file.