When it comes to reports being handled, and suspensions being served, it is of utmost importance that the KakaoGames team remains impartial and functions as a neutral party. To ensure this, we have the following internal rules and policies in place:

  • Any actions we take on accounts are always done so based on server-sided logs, and never based on screenshots or purely based on what a report says. This is to avoid any players making fake reports, with edited screenshots or edited videos. [1]
  • Our team members are never allowed to take action on any accounts where they might be personally involved. For that reason, no GM is allowed to handle a case (including reports) where the GM could have personal benefits or may personally know any of the players involved.
  • Every permanent ban and RMT suspension is reviewed and signed off by 2 different GMs.
  • Every ban/suspension appeal is handled by a different GM than the one that processed the initial report/sanction.
  • Our server-wide detection systems for third party software and RMT do not log the player's faction and guild, and that info is not even visible to the team that reviews these logs. Our log reviews and bans are based on a unique numerical account IDs which anonymize the player being reviewed.

[1] That said, screenshots and videos are still very useful to us in reports to provide context, timestamps, and an overview of the situation. As you can imagine, the amount of logs each account has is immense, and we need to locate the exact log that is relevant to the case. A screenshot or video points us very much in the right direction here and can help us a lot in finding exactly what we need. 
Furthermore, a screenshot or video may have some extra relevant information that may not have been in the original text of the player report - even if it's not immediately obvious that something small could have been relevant.


Q. Why does it look like a specific group of players is being targeted with sanctions?

A. When a specific exploit, goldseller group, or third party software has been discovered, our team will naturally apply sanctions to all players that took part of this specific abuse. Due to the nature of these things, the players taking part of 1 specific abuse tend to be all within the same or similar group, and as such you may notice all of those getting sanctioned at the same time.
For example, with the trade restrictions that have been in place between East/West, many goldsellers have been effectively focusing on only selling gold to one faction. Then when such a goldseller gets caught, and all of their buyers get sanctioned, these will indeed all have been from the same faction (or sometimes even all mostly from the same guild). From an outside perspective, it may hence look like one specific group has gotten targeted, but in reality it was simply the result of 1 goldseller being caught and all of their buyers being in that same group.
Similarly, third party software is often distributed within small groups of players. Then when that specific software gets detected, it will indeed be that group of players using it that gets banned while other groups that use different software may not get banned at the same time.


Q. Why is Player X still not banned!?
A. This can be caused by multiple reasons:

  1. Our ban and suspension process is extremely strict, and we require a large amount of indisputable proof before taking any action. Sometimes, there is just not enough proof to take action on a report. This means that we may indeed miss some cheaters, but it is a preferable outcome over having false positives.
  2. If the reported offense took place before the KakaoGames took over as publisher, it may no longer be possible to procure the necessary log proof.
  3. The player may have already been sanctioned for the reported offense. There are many players that are/were "known" to be cheating in a specific way - such as RMT - and which have already been reported and suspended for doing so. Since then, they may simply not have reoffended and are continuing to play the game normally after their suspension and/or wipe. A very large amount of RMT reports we get are for past offenses which have already been sanctioned, but since player suspension info is not public, the reporting player may just not know that it was already sanctioned and hence is frustrated that this player is somehow still running around in-game.