[UPDATE] Transfer is no longer possible

Please note that since the Version Merge on November 30, 2023, it is no longer possible to transfer accounts from Gamigo to Kakao


Missing Homecoming Key

The key to open the homecoming bundle was sent to characters that have been inactive for more than 30 days then returned and those characters did not receive another key for 180 days before their return.

That means that if you logged in on your inactive character on 30th of October 2021 and received a Homecoming Key, then stayed offline for another 30th days until the 3rd of December 2021 and then transferred your account and logged in again, you would not be eligible to receive another key, as you character received a key within the past 180 days.

If you haven’t received a key for the homecoming bundle, your account does not meet the requirements for it. In most cases, we noticed logins during November before the transfer, which you may have forgotten about.

Please note if your account does not qualify for a key, we will not be sending one manually.

Credit Refund Request

We may be able to assist with refunds of credits if you made an accidental purchase, or if you purchased an item on the wrong character. Please take a look at this link for full details of the credit refund process.

Can you move my item?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move credits or any other in-game currency from one character/account to another nor from one region to another.
Such requests will unfortunately be denied.

Bound items
Items that are bound to a character can not be moved to another character. We can not unbind any bound items nor assist in moving them from one character to another or from one server to another.

Auction house accidents

I accidentally sold something in the auction house at the wrong price
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist with reversing any sales made with gold on the auction house. The auction house is controlled by the players and interfering with any transactions would mean to interfere with more than one account. Once another player purchases your listed item, we cannot remove it again from their account and return it to you.

I accidentally bought something from the auction house at the wrong price
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist with reversing any purchases made on the marketplace. Similar to selling an item on the auction house, we can also not interfere with any purchases made.

Stuck Character

It can happen on occasions that your character gets stuck in the terrain or an object and however hard you try, you just can't get your character to move again.

You can try the following in-game to free your character.

Type the command "/escape" in the chat window to teleport your character to the nearest resurrection point.

You can also open your skills (default button 'K') and click on the Escape skill in the basic tab. This will also teleport your character to the nearest resurrection point.

Please note, once you used the escape option, the skill will have a 30 minute cooldown.


Merge-Related, Dec 2023


Please note:  This FAQ addresses questions about the Version Merge of November 30, 2023. The service transfer from Gamigo to Kakao Games Europe of December 3, 2021, has ended, and it is no longer possible to transfer accounts from Gamigo to Kakao.

Q: Will we have Fresh Start after this merge?

A: For now, we don't have a plan to open a new server. If we will open a new server, we will inform you about it in advance.

Q: What will happen to the items I placed in my house(s) or on my farm(s)?

A: All your items and furniture installed in your housings will be retained after the merge.

However, trade pack items that are dropped in your farm/garden will be reset and cannot be restored. Please do note that Furniture installed inside the Guild Residence will be lost upon merge.

Q: How will our placed housings and items in them be handled?


Installed houses will be redistributed as Full Kits.


Any furniture installed in a private house will be sent to the owner via mail.

Expanded Decor Limit

Expanded Decor Limit data will be lost.

Rewards for any used Decor Limit Increases will be distributed.


Crest Inks will be replaced with Bound Crest Brainstorms if a UCC is applied to it, otherwise will provide 5g per item. UCC Crest Stamps will be replaced with a Memory Ink, and UCCs (the content) applied to items will not be preserved.


Any growing plants (including paid plant products) will be lost upon the merge.

As for further clarification items in your Bag, Warehouse or Storage will be transferred. The only items that won’t be transferred are Trade Packs on the ground (stored ones will) and any sort of plants.

Q: If a house is unbuilt or in the process of being built, is it returned as a full kit?

A: It is not returned as a kit. Only fully completed houses are returned as a full kit. Unbuilt houses will return the design but not the materials

Q: I'm aging my packs, will they be transferred over during the Merge?

A: No, Tradepacks placed in the world will not be carried over. We recommend turning them in before the server evolution takes place.

Q: Will I need to recreate my family after the Merge?

A: No, the Family name, members, and size will be retained.

Q: How will it be if an achievement/quest was completed on one game version (Unchained), and not on the other version (Legacy) or vice versa?

A: All quests and achievement information in your character will be kept after the merge.

Q: Will I need to recreate my guild after the Merge?

A: No, the Guild Level, XP, Individual Guild Mission, Group Guild Mission, Prestige, Protection Period, Role/Permission, Automatic Guild Leader Resign, New Guild Buff, Guild Shop History, Guild Portal Base, Guild Residence, Guild Buff, Guild Management History, Guild Dungeon Participation History (last 50 per season), Guild Dungeon Participant Info, Guild Arena Record will be retained.

However, Alert, Applicant, Recruiting Notice, Dominion History, Dominion Fee, Daily XP Gained, Interests, Combat History, and Guild Residence will not be saved.

Prestige used on a Guild Residence will be automatically returned upon merge. Furthermore, the Guild Name will be reset and the "Guild Name Change Ticket" item will be sent to the Guild Leader character on the target server.

Q. Will there be a Land Rush?

A: Yes, there will be a Land Rush.


  • EU: December 2, 2023 (12:00 UTC/13:00 CET)
  • NA: December 2, 2023 (21:00 UTC/13:00 PST)

Q: During the Land Rush, will the housing areas be put into Peace?

A: No, the housing areas will not be put into peace during the Land Rush, so prepare for battle!

Q: Will Auroria Land Rush be at the same time as East/West Land Rush, or will it be staggered?

A: The Auroria Landrush will not be staggered and will happen at the same time as the normal Land Rush.

Q: Will Beanstalks be disabled for the land rush?

A: No, it is not possible to disable the placement of a single type of design - including Beanstalks Mansions.

Q: After the Merge, how long will my items last?

A: There is no limit for anything you are wearing, anything in your inventory, or anything in your warehouse. However, items returned to you by mail (unopened) will last 1 year in your mailbox. Opened mail will last 6 months.

Q: If players with the same names are moved onto the same new Merged server, who gets to keep their name?

A: All character names will be reset. Before you enter the game, you have to change your character name on the character selection stage. In addition, to assist in identifying characters after the merge, we will display their names in your Character Selection menu as follows:

For AA & AAU merged characters: 

They will retain the names they had before the merge, but each character will have a set of numbers at the end to distinguish them in case of name conflicts across servers. You can ignore the last two digits and rename the character as you wish.


AAU or AAL character: Thisisatest — AA merged character: ThisisatestXX

Q: What happens to my friend list? 

A: The data from Community > Friend > List, Block tabs will be retained upon merge. The data from Community > Friend > Request tab will be lost.

Q. Will you convert all pirates back to their original faction during the Merge so that they can participate in the land rush as was initially the case on a fresh server?

A: No, the character's faction data will remain.

Q: Will those that exiled remain on the same faction or will they return to their original faction?

A: Exiles do not get sent back to their original faction.

Q. Will we get compensation?

A: There will be compensation for the downtime. Details will be provided in the future.

Q: What will happen to Rankings?

A: Rank information will remain and integrated between ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained.

Q: What happens if after the Merge there are more than 7 characters on an account?

A: All characters created in ArcheAge Legacy and ArcheAge Unchained before the merge will be moved to the new server. For example, if all 7 available character slots in each game version have been filled, all 14 characters will be available to play on the new server after the merge. In other words, with the merge, the character slot restriction of 7 characters will be bypassed for existing characters to allow players to keep and play all their characters, however, the total number of character slots remains at 7, which means that new character creation is only possible if the number of characters on the account is 6 or less. For further clarification, you will have 14/7 characters available, so the cap will continue to be 7.

Q: Will Server Transfer still be available after the Merge?

A: No, Server Transfer will be unavailable after the Merge.

Q: What about our Farmhands?

A: If there were different Farmhands in your ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained accounts, only one of them will be retained and below will be the determining factors:

  • No. 1 factor: Farmhand's XP
  • No. 2 factor: Farmhand's registration date

Q: Will my Farmhand's level reset due to the Merge?

A: No, your Farmhand will remain the same level and XP will remain the same after the Merge.

Q: Will my Farmhand lose its weekly Vigor with the Merge?

A: Yes, the Weekly Vigor will be reset on Farmhands.

Q: What happens to Hero Rewards?

A: Hero rewards will not be sent normally but will be granted their Glorious Armor Crate manually after the Merge. All Heroes will get the Glorious Armor Crate.

Q: Touching on heroes, does that mean all Castles are being wiped and thus, having 0 Castles for a month until the next term begins?

A: Yes, due to the month of no heroes - there will not be the ability to build castles until new Heroes are elected.

Q: Will there be restrictions on how many houses and farms you can have?

A: No, there is no limit to how many houses or farms you can have.

Q: Will Diamond Shores Bases need to be rebuilt after the Merge?

A: Yes.

Q: What will happen to Castle Payouts after the Merge?

A: Territory Income will be paid out during the Merge. Similar to the residence balance.

Q: What will happen to our active Patron on Legacy and Subscription time?

A: The remaining time for Patron Legacy players will be retained upon merge, and the remaining subscription time for ArcheAge: Unchained will be transferred to Patron time after the merge. Also, depending on the amount of the remaining subscription time for Unchained, you will receive a bonus time that equals 20–30% of this time as Patron time.

Q: What will happen to my Unclaimed Web Inventory Items?

A: Event coupons will be deleted; purchased coupons (e.g., web packages) can be claimed after the merge.

Q: Will we have to download a new Launcher Post-Merge?

A: A new launcher download will not be required. The launcher will automatically delete the AAU version and update it to the AA merge version only. As for the AAL version, it’ll be just a regular update.

Q: Will we lose our in-game currencies?

A: We're aiming to make sure that all in-game currencies are integrated during the merge.


Q: Can I transfer my account using my transfer code?

A: Please note that as of the merge on 30 Nov 2023, transfers have been officially closed. This means that even with your transfer code from Gamigo/Glyph, it cannot be used anymore.


Additional Information

More details about the merge can be found on the following link:  https://kg.games/ArcheAgeMerge 


Previous Issues (Outdated)

Transfer issues

We are aware that some of you are still affected by transfer issues, those issues include errors such as "transfer process failed", the launcher error: "You cannot log in because the account transfer is in progress.", or you may be able to login but you not see your old character(s) after the transfer.

Our technical team is still investigating all cases mentioned above and working on fixing those issues, notifying us via customer support is not necessary for our technical team to see that you are affected, despite what some of the error messages you see suggest.

We will notify all affected players as soon as an update is available via your email linked to the account you created that is experiencing the issue.

We also  plan to provide a form of compensation to all affected players. Further details about this will be announced at a later date on our website:


ArcheAge Unchainedhttps://archeageuc.playkakaogames.com/

*If you did not see any transfer errors but you still can’t see your characters, please also make sure you are trying to log in to the correct game version, region and server.

Missing subscription time of DLC from my web inventory

ArcheAge Unchained only players who previously purchased the game and any of the DLCs and used them have been reimbursed with free additional subscription time. To claim it please log into your account on https://login.playkakaogames.com/login and check your web inventory.

If your account was not eligible to receive the subscription time, you will not see any extra coupons on your web inventory and we will not be able to help you receive any free subscription time.

Please note, if you purchased the DLC for ArcheAge Unchained, but you never opened/claimed the DLC packs, your account has automatically been reimbursed with 1800 credits for each DLC purchased and wasn't used from your inventory in-game or wasn't claimed. Any credits you received for purchased DLC’s, have been included in the bundle of credits sent to your mailbox in-game after the transfer of your account.

Please note that your account must have had an ArcheAge Unchained character before the transfer, in order to be eligible for the 60 days additional free subscription time apart from the 30 days trial available to new accounts.

If you bought the DLC packages on Archeage free-to-play only, your package(s) were also refunded to credits.

Missing items after transfer/unhappy with the changes

We want to give you the best experience possible when playing ArcheAge, and one of the major changes that was made was to change both versions of ArcheAge to what we call the "Global-one" build as that will allow us to give you faster content updates, quicker fixes, new exciting events, and more!

As a consequence of this, several in-game items had to be either changed, substituted, or deleted from the game, we collected all the details regarding what happened to your items here:

However, many of you were concerned as you did not receive some of the substituted items or you thought the compensation that was offered was not enough or you believe you missed the compensation altogether. All Credit compensation was included in the Bag of Credits you received automatically in your character's mailbox after the transfer.

Thanks to that feedback and reports we received, we have been able to conduct a full investigation and we are happy to let you know that we will provide compensation for additional 437 items as we have announced here:


Please note that the purchase limits for the Any-Post Owl and the Anywhere-Warehouse have been reset for the removed items and compensation in form of credits has been offered as part of the Bag of Credits you received after the account transfer.

Please take a look at the announcements above for detailed information about the process. We aim to send the compensation items in February, with the exact date to be announced as soon as more information is available, so please keep checking the news on our official website for ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained.


ArcheAge Unchainedhttps://archeageuc.playkakaogames.com/

Can you move my items?

Transfer Launch Box + Key

The Transfer Reward Key has been sent to a specific character on an old/merged server. However, the Transfer Rewards Package Event ended on September 15, 2022, so the Transfer Launch Box is no longer available on the Marketplace even if you still have the key on your account.

You can read the full announcement at https://archeage.playkakaogames.com/news/1371

Promotion code on wrong game version (e.g. Moonfeather Griffin)

Some promotions are exclusive to one of the ArcheAge game versions (Unchained/Legacy). Please make sure to take part in the promotion for the game version you are actively playing, as we are not able to move promotional items from ArcheAge Legacy to Unchained, or vice versa.

Patron Time Missing

We are aware that some players may be missing Patron time after transferring their account. This is currently still being investigated and we will update all affected players as soon as more information is available. Please keep checking our official website, https://archeage.playkakaogames.com/news, for any updates.

Offline Labor not regenerating

We had received reports regarding Offline Labor not recharging while having Patron active. We understand how crucial Labor is for your everyday life in ArcheAge so we did our best to fix this quickly.  This issue has now been resolved and compensation will be announced once more information is available. Please keep checking our official website, https://archeage.playkakaogames.com/news, for any updates.