Do you have a creative idea for an Eternal Return Tournament or any other event? We'd love to support your initiative with some amazing rewards! Fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


  • Your event should expect a minimum of 18 participants
  • Your proposal must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance
  • Please submit in English
  • Asset creation (images, videos) or Streams to promote your event to show us the results
  • Please submit no more than 1 event proposal per calendar month


  • Promotion of your event in our selected channels
  • Selected Rewards (based on the event details you provide in the application)


  • A list of prizes for all participants will be provided by the staff to the organizer who submitted the event, only if the submission is approved and before the event starts.
  • Rewards will be different based on the size of the event proposed in the submission
  • 300 Event NP (7 days) to the organizer only after the event has concluded.


1. After your event concludes, please reach out again with a VOD or screenshot of the match results (if applicable) and the in-game nicknames of the players eligible for a prize. We'd love to see how things went!

2. We can only support community events from servers in the Global region: Europe, North America, and Oceania. If you want to explore community event support from Asia, South America, or Africa, please visit each channel.

3. By Submitting this request you understand and agree that the prizes offered are subject to cancellation if the event is canceled, the list of participants is different than initially provided (unless communicated in advance), or there is no proof to confirm that the event occurred.

You also understand and agree that Nimble Neuron, Kakao Games, and any organization related to them are not responsible for the course of this organized event and should not be listed as a sponsor.

Feel free to DM one of our Kakao Games CMs on Discord as well!