Ready to show your Fanart to the Eternal Return community? Do you like the newest character released or are fond of a veteran test subject? Well, we are definitely ready for your art!

After submitting your Fanart, a thorough review from the staff, and the requirements are met, you will receive a special reward with event NP!
There is also a good chance that we will post your Fanart (including credits) to our official ER Instagram!

Fanart Requirements

  • Please note that regarding the size, the closer to the Instagram story format the easier is to feature them on our Official ER Instagram
  • Copyrighted materials, plagiarism, designs with inappropriate, sexual, trolling, abusive, inflammatory, or violent content against our terms and policies and/or breached online conduct, or sketch outlines without shading will always be rejected

  • Plagiarism is not allowed! Your submission will be disqualified if they are copied (any elements of others' creations cannot be used), so please submit your original work.

  • Although we appreciate multiple submissions, we will limit reward distribution to 2 rewards per user per month, if the Fanart is approved.

  • The Kakao Games Community Team will always have the final say on whether Fanart is approved or not.

  • AI Fanart is not accepted.

Accepted Fanart Submission Rewards

  • 300 Event NP (7 Days)
    • Max 2 per month

We are looking forward to your submission!

Submit here below your art for a chance to get rewards and get featured on our #Instagram!