When you first enter Lumia Island, you are required to go through our tutorial. It guarantees your understanding to better survive and, as a nice bonus, you keep the character you played with!

As Eternal Return grows, and evolves, we have implemented a new, updated tutorial, with improved mechanics, and much more!


Currently, our tutorial gives Yuki, a melee test subject, a sum of A-Coins, and Hyejin, a ranged test subject. All players who complete our tutorial for the first time will receive these prizes.

If you have completed our previous tutorial, and received Jackie, a melee test subject, and Aya, a ranged test subject, you're not eligible to receive Yuki and Hyejin - but can get the A-Coin reward.


If you have no test subjects at all after completing the tutorials, please relaunch the game. Should no test subjects be present after a relaunch, please contact the Eternal Return Support Team