What are ER Passes?

Eternal Return Passes offer a varied assortment of rewards that can be obtained by completing Battle Pass Missions.

Each week has different free and paid missions. The topmost missions (blue) are ones any player in Eternal Return can complete and claim the rewards from.

The lower half (orange) is composed of missions that can only be completed by players who have purchased the Pass for NP.

All missions grant EP, which is the Pass system's form of experience points. By gaining enough EP, your Pass' level will increase, allowing you to claim rewards. 

Rewards can be claimed from the ER Pass' sub-tab by the same name:

The maximum amount of EP that can be obtained from a week is listed under that week's tab:

Missions from prior weeks can still be completed regardless of what the current week is. 

How do I switch to a different pass?

To switch to a different pass, select the desired pass from the ER Pass list:

By spending 300 NP you can then switch to the selected season using the Activate Season button shown.