Gain credits by slaying mutants. Use credits to take advantage of the powerful Transfer Drones and Kiosks


Credits are a form of currency used to call in Transfer Drones or use Transfer Consoles. You’ll collect this mysterious energy-based currency on Lumia Island, then send it to the Research Center to get the ingredients you need in return.

  • Players gain Credits continuously as the match goes on. 

  • Credits are earned upon slaying monsters.

  • Mutants grant extra Credits.
  • As long as teammates are nearby, everyone will earn credits
  • The teammate who lands the final blow will get slightly more credits.
  • Credits are also earned for you and any teammates upon when killing a test subject 

Transfer Drones

Use credits to call in Transfer Drones to get a common (white) material delivered to you. Transfer Drones can be used to shorten your route, or to get materials that you missed on the way.

  • Transfer Drones cannot be used in the first minute after the game starts.

  • Transfer Drones can only deliver common (white) materials that aren’t craftable.

  • Transfer Drones can be used by hovering over the desired item in your Saved Plan and right clicking it.


Players can order special materials through Kiosks placed in many areas. Their Credit costs are expensive and you might have to fight to use one, but getting that special material might just be worth it!

  • Transfer Consoles activate at the start of Day 2.

  • Items:

    • Tree of Life

    • Meteorite

    • Mithril

    • Force Core

    • VF Blood Sample

    • Rootkit

    • Teammate Revival
  • Reviving your teammates is important! Teammates can be brought back to life with 250 Credits if they die after Day 3's start. However at Day 5's start 


Repeated experimentation has exposed the wild animals on Lumia to an unknown energy. These animals are more resilient than their non-mutated counterparts, but you’ll get Credits for slaying them.

  • Mutants are 10~20% bigger in size than normal wild animals and have sparks on their models.

  • Mutants have about 50% more max HP and 40% higher attack power compared to normal wild animals.

  • Mutants not only grant you Credits but also twice as much XP as normal wild animals.