What is a Battle Zone?

Battle Zones are special war zones artificially created on Lumia Island.

  • Battle Zones appear twice during the game: during the 2nd Day.

    • 2nd Day: 3 appear in designated areas (Acceleration, Berserk and Defense)

    • Battle Zones can appear anywhere in the 15 areas (except for the Research Center), but will not appear in Restricted Areas.

  • Like Restricted Areas, you will be alerted to the location of the Battle Zones the previous night. If you are in that area when Day comes, you will automatically participate.

  • Once the Battle Zones start, you cannot escape until they are over. If you escape, it will be treated as a loss.

  • Battle Zones end when one team remains. This team becomes the winner. The Battle Zone then changes into a Restricted Area. The winning team is kept safe for a moment until they move into a new area. 

Battle Zone Rapid Reconstruction

Unlike test subjects who die outside the Battle Zone, test subjects who die in the Battle Zone can be revived via a faster rate of reconstruction.

  • If you die while participating in the Battle Zone, you will be revived after soon after, regardless of level.

  • You cannot move into the Battle Zone if you have been revived.

  • If test subjects who aren’t participating in the Battle Zone move into the Battle Zone and die, Rapid Reconstruction will not be applied.

  • If a team wins a Battle Zone all dead teammates will be instantly revived within the won zone.

Battle Zone Marks

The Battle Zones consist of artificially created, special areas that collect a wide variety of battle data.

  • During each Battle Zone participation, a unique Battle Zone Mark Effect is applied to each Battle Zone.

  • You can check Battle Zone Marks in advance, and strategically select them.

  • Battle Zone: Acceleration

    • You become faster and can use Skills more often.

    • Acceleration Effects: Movement Speed increased by 20%, Cooldown reduced by 20%
      (However, Cooldown Reduction cannot exceed the max.)

  • Battle Zone: Berserk

    • The power of every attack becomes more powerful, and you recover HP as much as the damage you deal.

    • Berserk Effects: Omnisyphon 20%, Final damage increased by 20%

  • Battle Zone: Defense

    • You gain a shield that gives you Regen.

    • Defense Effects: If you don’t fight for 3 seconds or more, you gain 350 (1st Battle Zone) / 500 (2nd Battle Zone) Shield.


Nerve Overflow Gauge

Battle Zones are filled with nerve stabilizers that give special effects to test subjects. These nerve stabilizers don’t give strengthening effects however—if they build up for too long, your body will explode and you will die. You must eliminate other test subjects, or take Nerve Stabilizers to lower your Nerve Overflow Gauge and stay alive.

  • If your Nerve Overflow Gauge fills up, you will die after a certain amount of time. In team modes, you are not considered “down”, but immediately eliminated. 

  • You can get Nerve Stabilizers if you stand in the light of the Stabilizer Shuttles. There are 2 Stabilizer Shuttles in each Battle Zone. If there are only 2 teams left, only 1 Shuttle will appear.

  • You can also obtain Stabilizers by eliminating enemy test subjects.

Battle Zone Rewards

By winning the Battle Zone, you can get rewards through claiming them in the UI or through that area’s Security Console. The more players who participate in the Battle Zone, the better the rewards will be! You can choose between 1 of the following: Meteorite, Tree of Life, Mithril, or Force Core.

Other Battle Zone Rules

  • Leaving or entering an active Battle Zone will get you killed immediately without the chance to be revived.

  • Weapon, Defense, and HP Mastery gained in the Battle Zone are limited and based on the mastery level of the Battle Zone participants.

  • If only 1 team is present at the start of the Battle Zone, this team automatically becomes the winner. Battle Zones are designated simultaneously with the spawn of Alpha in each zone. You need to strategically decide whether you will participate in the Battle Zone or Alpha.