We offer a lot of content in our game, and there are three types of currencies that can be used for purchases:

  •    A-coin: A free currency that is awarded after each match. Can also be obtained by completing Daily missions.
  •    NP: A premium currency. You can purchase NP in our shop.
  •    Event NP: A premium currency. Works just like NP, but has an expiration date. You can obtain them through announced events.

Refund Restrictions

If you’re not happy with a purchase you’ve made, we will be happy to refund it for you provided the following requirements are met:

  1. The purchased product is one of the following:
    • NP
    • Character
    • Skin
    • Emote
    • Bundle
  2. The refund request is made within seven days of the purchase
  3. The purchased product has not been used.
    • If the product is NP, it must not have been spent
    • If the product is a bundle, the contents must not have been claimed.
  4. The purchased product was not paid for exclusively with Event NP
    • Important: If the product was purchased using a combination of NP and Event NP, only the NP will be refunded. Any Event NP spent will not be refunded.

The following products are not refundable:

  • DLCs
  • Saved Plan Slot
  • Nickname Change
  • New Augment Slot

What info do we need?

When requesting a refund, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Your in-game nickname
  • The server you play on (NA or EU)
  • The product you want to be refunded.

If you're requesting a refund of NP, please also include a picture of the full receipt from Steam. This can be found in your mail.

If your purchase was made of a combination of NP and Event NP, please answer Yes when asked if you're okay with only having the NP (and not the Event NP) returned. Otherwise, the request will be denied.