Operation Eden Alliance is a game mode where you control the difficulty by setting various Restrictions yourself.

Operation Eden Alliance is accessible via [Home Screen] > [Operation Eden] > [Operation Eden Alliance].

Operation Eden Alliance will be available after clearing Battlefront 8-16.

Operation Eden is an occasional event that will be released approximately one month apart.

When you enter the Eden Alliance Operation, you will see your Savior's tier, the number of missions remaining, your highest Operation Score, and earn rewards based on your tier.

Savior’s Tier Rewards will be given every 7 days. (in total twice)


Eden Operation Alliance comprises [Daily Operation] and [Infinite Operation].

Daily Operation is battle content with daily changes in the enemy’s placement and Disadvantages.

ⓘ Saviors can choose Disadvantages for each battle.

ⓘ The Disadvantages Saviors choose to determine the enemy's stats, and the Disadvantages may limit the placement of ally Souls.

Daily Operations missions offer rewards based on what Disadvantages a Savior cleared.

  • Reward: Operation Coin or Operation Permit

Information about the Daily Operation Mission will be displayed by clicking the button [Daily Operation Mission] on the left bottom side of the screen.

ⓘ Daily Operations Missions are reset on a daily basis.

Infinite Operation is a system where Saviors earn Operation Scores based on the Disadvantages the Saviors set. Saviors will be able to compete with others with their Operation Scores.

A certain tier will be assigned to Saviors depending on Operation Scores. No exact ranking is provided.

The more difficult Disadvantages you choose, the higher your Operation Score will be given.

ⓘ Infinite Operations may require to unlock Disadvantage, which can be earned through Daily Operations missions.

ⓘ Unlocking locked Disadvantage is done by simply holding a certain number of Operation Permits, rather than by spending Operation Permits to unlock them.

After entering the Infinite Operation screen, Saviors can see all of the Disadvantages selected by clicking [Selected Disadvantage Info] at the bottom left.

ⓘ The rewards for Infinite Operation will be obtainable once during the event.

Overall Info

  1. Disadvantages chosen by Saviors will be displayed by clicking the [Selected Disadvantage Info] at the bottom left. of the screen
  2. In both Daily Operations and Infinite Operations, enemies have a base level of 100 and increase in level each time you select a Disadvantage.
  3. There is no challenge count limit for Daily Operations and Infinite Operations.

Alliance Shop

Operation Coins earned for clearing Daily Operations and Infinite Operations missions can be redeemed in the Alliance Shop.

  • In the Alliance Shop, you can purchase a variety of materials to enhance and upgrade your Ark.

ⓘ Alliance Shop will be available after clearing Battlefront 8-16.

ⓘ The Alliance Shop has a 1-month reset cycle and cannot be renewed with Everstone.