Guild Raid is a special raid mode you can enjoy with your guild members.

The best scores of each guild member calculated by the highest damage inflicted on the raid boss will be summed up to decide the guild's ranking,

๐Ÿ›ˆ Unlock Condition: Join a Guild!


๐Ÿ›ˆ During the Guild Raid period, you cannot Disband a guild or Kick guild members.

๐Ÿ›ˆ Players who join a guild during a Guild Raid period will not be given the 'daily entry count' on the day of their joining.

You can enter the Guild Raid either through Adventure โ†’ Challenge โ†’ Guild Raid or the Guild page.

From the Guild Raid main screen, you can check raid bosses details, Reward Info, damage (max/accumulated) records, and Ranking Info.


You can press "Details" to check the boss's Skills and Tips to help you defeat it.

You can check the Max Damage and Accumulated Damage of your guild and you can press each guild member on the list to check their Battle Records in detail including their Battle Dates, Teams used, and Results.

From Ranking Info, you can check your guild's Overall Ranking, Total Guild Damage, and Ranking Rewards,

There is a Practice mode you can use before taking on the actual guild boss challenge.
Practice mode will not count against your daily try and you can try it as many times as you'd like (even after completing the raid for that day).
After the first participation in battle, you will be able to use the Skip feature with the max damage you have inflicted.


๐Ÿ›ˆ Things to note before setting off to Guild Raid battles!

Guild Raid can be tried once per day.

  • You will have to select 3 parties per 1 participation count, going through 3 consecutive battles at once. (You cannot use the same Soul twice).
  • When the battle clock runs out, or your party is completely defeated, the next party's battle will begin.
  • From the Guild Raid main screen, you can check the raid boss's details, Reward Info, damage (max/accumulated) records, and Ranking Info.
  • After the first participation in battle, you can use the Skip feature.


When pre-setting your Guild Raid party teams, press the "+" icon to equip a Treasure per team.


There are three groups of five treasures each. Each of your teams can equip one treasure, and only one treasure from each group can be equipped. This means that if Team 1 selects a treasure from Group 1, none of your other teams will be able to select a treasure from Group 1.


๐Ÿ›ˆ Guild Raid Rewards are based on personal accumulated record rewards and ranking rewards.

After the Guild Raids, there will be an assessment period of 24 hours.

After the 24 hours is up, please check and claim the reward directly from 'Guild Rankings' window,
and Guild Rankings window can be entered via menu > Guild > Guild Raid > Ranking Info or Adventure > Challenge > Guild Raid > Ranking Info.

If you do not claim your rewards before the next Guild Raid starts, it will be deleted so please make sure to claim your Guild Raid rewards after the assessment period.

๐Ÿ›ˆ If you are kicked out from the guild after the guild raid ends and you could not receive your rewards, you can go to Guild > Ranking Info to claim your missing rewards.


When the accumulated points obtained from daily guild raid participation reach a target cumulative score, a one-time reward will be given.

(If the score obtained today does not exceed your current best score, the current best score will continue to be accumulated).

Accumulated DamageReward 1Reward 2
10,000,000Guild Coin x800Keepsake Enhance Stone x40
25,000,000Guild Coin x1,500Keepsake Enhance Stone x60
50,000,000Guild Coin x2,000Keepsake Enhance Stone x100
75,000,000Guild Coin x2,500Keepsake Enhance Stone x140
100,000,000Guild Coin x3,000Keepsake Enhance Stone x200
125,000,000Guild Coin x4,500Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone x5
150,000,000Guild Coin x6,000Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone x10
200,000,000Guild Coin x8,500Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone x25
250,000,000Guild Coin x10,000Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone x40
300,000,000Guild Coin x12,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x8



After the end of the guild raid period, all guild members will be rewarded according to your guild's final ranking.

Please note each guild member's best scores are summed up to decide on the guild ranking (Guild Ranking rewards can be claimed after participating in the Guild Raid at least once).

RankingReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
1stEverstone x2,200Guild Coin x40,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x15
2ndโ€”5thEverstone x2,000Guild Coin x30,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x13
6thโ€”10thEverstone x1,800Guild Coin x25,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x10
11thโ€”25thEverstone x1,700Guild Coin x20,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x8
26thโ€”50thEverstone x1,600Guild Coin x17,500Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x7
51stโ€”100thEverstone x1,500Guild Coin x15,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x6
101stโ€”250thEverstone x1,300Guild Coin x12,500Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x5
251stโ€”500thEverstone x1,200Guild Coin x10,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x4
501stโ€”1,000thEverstone x1,100Guild Coin x7,500Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x3
1,001stโ€”restEverstone x1,000Guild Coin x5,000Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x2