Corrupted Souls from a different timeline have flown into Eden and you must defeat these bosses in the Evil Soul Subjugation.

You can meet the corrupted, evil Souls that have fallen, despairing of ever meeting a Savior.


You can participate through [Adventure] > [Subjugation] > [Evil Soul Subjugation].

πŸ›ˆ Evil Soul Subjugation becomes available after clearing Battlefront 5-10.

πŸ›ˆ Evil Soul Subjugation is available once a day and the daily challenge resets every day at 00:00 UTC (An extra challenge is not purchasable.).


You can select the level of the boss to defeat by pressing the [Challenge] button on the first screen after entering [Evil Soul Subjugation].

πŸ›ˆ Depending on the level of the boss you choose, a more powerful boss will appear, and defeating a higher-level boss will earn you a higher rank.

Should you decide that you want to try a harder (or easier) boss than what you selected, you can reset the boss by pressing the [Forfeit] button. If you do this, your daily challenge count will not be deducted.


After the boss's level has been selected, the boss will reveal itself and up to 5 Souls registered in the Level Sync with the highest levels will be duplicated.

πŸ›ˆ Participating Souls are duplicated once a day and they cannot be changed.

πŸ›ˆ After the Souls are duplicated, any changes to the Savior's actual Souls' levels or Keepsakes will not affect the duplicated Souls.

You can set up a maximum of 9 parties (decks) on the battle preparation screen.

πŸ›ˆ You can use the set parties/Souls to attack the boss, but any used parties/Souls cannot be used again

πŸ›ˆ You can’t select a certain party per battle, and battles will take place in the order you set, from Team 1 to 9.


Each Soul can use her Ultimate Skill once per battle.

πŸ›ˆ The name of the <Ultimate Skill Auto Settings> feature, which previously set the priority for automatic use of Ultimate Skills, has been changed to <Adjust Ult Skill Auto-Use Order>.

If battle time is up or you retreat in the middle of a battle, the party used in that battle will not be available again.

πŸ›ˆ After one party's battle ends, the boss's buffs/debuffs are reset, but the boss's HP remains after the battle ends.

πŸ›ˆ The Sweep feature will be available only after defeating the boss once and it will sweep the highest level stage cleared.

Each boss has a weakness to a specific crowd control effect.

When the weakness effect becomes active, the gauge will decrease. When the gauge goes down completely, the boss will become groggy.

When the boss is groggy, it will get stunned, and the ally Souls' Mana and ultimate gauge will be recovered to 100%.


β‘  Boss Kill Rewards (earned for each daily kill)

Lv.Reward 1Reward 2
100β€”150Evil Soul Coin x100Keepsake Transcension Stone x5
151β€”200Evil Soul Coin x210Keepsake Transcension Stone x10
201β€”250Evil Soul Coin x320Keepsake Transcension Stone x20
251β€”300Evil Soul Coin x430Keepsake Transcension Stone x30
301β€”350Evil Soul Coin x540Keepsake TranscensionStone x40
351β€”400Evil Soul Coin x650Keepsake Transcension Stone x5


β‘‘ Ranking Rewards

You will be ranked in the order depending on which highest level boss you defeated.

πŸ›ˆ The ranking for Evil Soul Subjugation is based on the higher-level boss defeated. If a boss of the same level is defeated, the player who used fewer parties will be ranked higher. If even the number of parties used is the same, the player whose last party spent less time in battle will be ranked higher.

πŸ›ˆ There will be a 24-hour-long calculation period after Evil Soul Subjugation ends, and you must claim the rank rewards on the Ranking screen after the calculation period ends.

RankReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
1Everstone x3,000Evil Soul Coin x33,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x300
2Everstone x2,900Evil Soul Coin x32,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x290
3Everstone x2,800Evil Soul Coin x31,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x280
4β€”5Everstone x2,700Evil Soul Coin x30,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x270
6β€”10Everstone x2,500Evil Soul Coin x29,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x260
11β€”15Everstone x2,400Evil Soul Coin x28,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x250
16β€”20Everstone x2,300Evil Soul Coin x27,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x240
21β€”25Everstone x2,200Evil Soul Coin x26,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x230
26β€”30Everstone x2,000Evil Soul Coin x25,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x220
31β€”40Everstone x1,900Evil Soul Coin x24,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x210
41β€”50Everstone x1,800Evil Soul Coin x23,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x200
51β€”75Everstone x1,600Evil Soul Coin x22,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x190
76β€”100Everstone x1,500Evil Soul Coin x21,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x180
101β€”250Everstone x1,400Evil Soul Coin x19,500Keepsake Transcension Stone x170
251β€”500Everstone x1,300Evil Soul Coin x18,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x160
501β€”750Everstone x1,200Evil Soul Coin x16,500Keepsake Transcension Stone x150
751β€”1000Everstone x1,100Evil Soul Coin x15,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x140
1001β€”2500Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x13,500Keepsake Transcension Stone x130
2501β€”5000Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x12,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x120
5001β€”10000Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x10,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x110
10001β€”50000Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x8,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x100
50001 or higherEverstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x6,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x80


In addition to the rewards based on rank, additional honorary rewards are available for rank achievements.

πŸ›ˆ 1st/2nd/3rd Rank achievement will be processed when you claim your ranking reward after the event calculation is done.

πŸ›ˆ Please keep note that different bosses give different Player Profile Frames and costumes. (Based on Witch who destroyed the world: Vivienne)

<Witch who destroyed the world> Rank 1Frame: Saved the Witch
<Witch who destroyed the world> Rank 2Frame: Purified the Witch
<Witch who destroyed the world> Rank 3Frame: Stopped the Witch
<Witch who destroyed the world> Rank 100 or higherFrame: Leader of the Doomed World
<Witch who destroyed the world> Rank 300 or higherFrame: Guardian of the Doomed World
<Witch who destroyed the world> Rank 1,000 or higherFrame: Warrior of the Doomed World
<Witch who destroyed the world> Kills reach Accumulated Lv. 1000Vivienne’s Costume <Emerald of Iniquity>
<Witch who destroyed the world>
Defeat higher than Lv. 301
Vivienne’s Costume <Emerald of Exile>


Player Profile Frame: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (from left)

Vivienne's Costume

Please note that the Vivienne Costume also changes Vivienne's portrait when equipped.

The reward <Evil Soul Coin> can be used in <Evil Soul Shop>.

πŸ›ˆ The Evil Soul Shop will reset every week, and the shop products will not change as you progress through the stages.

ProductRequired amount of
Evil Soul Coin
Purchase Limit
Mold Selection Chest x1150001
Mold Random Chest x1120001
Keepsake Transcension Stone x5075001
Keepsake Transcension Stone x100150001
Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x510001
Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x510001
Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone x52501
Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone x52501
Rare Type Summon Ticket (Humanlike) x124001
Rare Type Summon Ticket (Beast) x124001
Rare Type Summon Ticket (Fairy) x124001
Rare Type Summon Ticket (Undead) x124001