Tower of Origin is a game mode that requires you to traverse numerous floors to find the origin of a specific Soul. Defeat each floor to regain the power of the Souls that lost their memories.


Tower of Origin can be entered from Adventure → Tower of Origin.

Select the Tower of Origin you wish to explore.

Tower of Origin is a permanent addition to the game, introduced with the patch on June 1st, 2023. The initial Tower of Origin is for Mephistopheles and Talia, and additional Souls will have their own Tower of Origin added over time.


As you progress through each stage, you can unlock new stories or engage in battles.

🛈 At regular intervals throughout the Tower, you can unlock and watch a story about your chosen Soul's origins.

🛈 Stages that provide an origin story are marked with a book-shaped marker and can be replayed via the View Again button.

The relevant Tower of Origin Soul must be included in the battle.

If you do not have the Soul, you can hire and put the Soul into battle instead. You will see a green label with <Required Placement> on the bottom of the soul icon.

If you have multiple copies of the required Soul, you will see a replacement marker on her icon.

The Tower of Origin Soul will receive a special buff. This special buff will also be applied to the Tower of Origin Soul placed on the enemy's side

🛈 Targets with special buffs are marked with a green icon on the formation screen, and you'll see the buff effect at the top of the screen when you enter battle.

You can only use Ultimate Skills once per Soul in a battle in Tower of Origin.

The name of the <Ultimate Skill Auto Settings> feature, which previously set the priority for the automatic use of Ultimate Skills, has been changed to <Adjust Ult Skill Auto-Use Order>.

Monsters that appear in Tower of Origin will have Artifacts and Keepsakes equipped, and they will also perform Ultimate Skills.


Each Tower of Origin consists of 60 stages. For every stage you clear, you will receive completion rewards (one-off rewards).

If you clear stage 30, the maximum level of the Artifact used by the Tower of Origin's Soul increases by 5.

TierMax Level BeforeMax Level After


If you clear Stage 30 of the Tower of Origin, you will receive a statue object that you can place in your Town.

The statue object you place does not provide any buffs but it will contribute 2,500 points (Progress) to your Town.

The name of the Savior that clears the highest stage the fastest will be displayed on the Tower of Origin. 
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