Please follow these steps to resolve application running issues and make sure your account is linked before following this procedure!

  • Delete all unnecessary applications and data from your mobile device to free up space
  • Check your OS version and update to the latest version if possible
  • Check your network (Wi-Fi/data) connection and make sure it's stable
  • Reboot your mobile device

If the problem persists, please remove Eversoul completely from your mobile device and clear the cache, then try installing it again when you're connected to a network with a stable connection (please, be aware the installation may be several Mb of data).



  • Go to device setting > App > Eversoul
  • Select Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data
  • Restart your device.
  • Re-download the game.


  • Hold the power button until "Slide to Power off" displays and turn it off.
  • Hold the power button until your device opens again.
  • Uninstall the game, clear your cache and re-download the game.

If the issue persists after following the steps above, please enable data synchronization on your Android device as explained below.


  • Go to Settings on your device -> Accounts & Sync (or Sync) -> Turn auto-sync data off. 
  • Turn auto-sync data on and when prompted agree to sync now. 
  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> Manage Apps -> Google Play Store -> Clear data and Clear the cache of the Google Play Store App. 
  • Restart your device and then try to reinstall the game again

Last, but absolutely not least, please make sure you have installed the game directly on your device. Installing Eversoul on a separate memory card or storing any of the game data on a separate memory card may cause issues as well.