Greetings Saviors,

We appreciate all of you Saviors for making secondary creations, and we wanted to provide a guideline to assist you with any questions you may have.

※ If there are additional questions regarding secondary creations and copyright that come up later on, we will continue to update you via the FAQ pages.

Q. Are there any problems if I make my own Eversoul goods?

  • We do not restrict the creation of secondary goods used for a 'non-commercial purpose' from you. If the goods you create are used for commercial purposes, this will violate copyright laws. 
  • Only 'individuals' or 'corporations without incorporation' are eligible for secondary creation.

Q. What do you mean exactly by a "non-commercial purpose"?

  • In the event that profits beyond the 'manufacturing cost' of secondary goods are not generated.
  • The ‘manufacturing cost’ includes the labor cost of the producer, the process cost for production, and the disclosed cost.

Q. Can you share open source files such as image assets for me to create Eversoul fan art and goods?

  • Eversoul image files are not shared separately with individuals.
  • Official images provided will be made available via Fan Kit → Google Drive (available with official launch) which you will be able to find on the footer of our website later on.

Q. Will there be any issues if I freely extract asset files in the game?

  • Official images are provided through the Eversoul Fan Kit.
  • If a file that is not an officially provided image is shared and a problem occurs, please note you may be subject to legal restrictions.
  • Please refrain from extracting any in-game asset files.

Q. I found a website that produces and sells unofficial goods. Can you take any action?

  • Eversoul resources cannot be used for any profit or commercial purposes.
  • If such a site is identified, please feel free to report it through Customer Service.

Q. Is there a problem if I make secondary creations by transforming Eversoul resources such as GIFs and emoticons from other sites?

  • We do not impose separate restrictions on the secondary creation activities of the Saviors.
  • However, we ask that you produce the secondary creations within the scope not to cause any social controversy.

Q. Is there any problem in making secondary creations of Souls that appear in-game that are excessively exposed?

  • There is no separate restriction we impose if it is a level that is generally acceptable, but if it is to a level where it becomes damaging and defaming to the Company, you can be held liable.
  • Please refrain from making excessive sexually graphic assets.
  • In addition, we ask you to avoid overly sexual or vulgar images that may highlight a certain part of the body for community events such as Fan Art contests as these may not be admitted as eligible submissions. 
  • We ask you to check the [9. User Conduct and Content Responsibilities] under our Terms of Service, and abide by the community guidelines on our official Twitter and Discord as the community can be joined without age restriction.

Q. Someone else is stealing the fan art I made. Can you guys step in to resolve this?

  • Please understand that it is difficult to get involved in any disputes between the Saviors that occur in connection to secondary creations.
  • For a healthy and productive secondary creation culture to be formed, please refrain from stealing other people's works or making groundless criticism of others' works.