Build version 1.6.5

1. New Chapter

  • Nightmare Chapter 4 added.

    • New boss 'Desert Bull Worm' is added.

2. Event

  • Road map event "Beach Party" starts!

    • Event time: July 17th ~ July 28th

  • Added Event missions.

  • Added an Attendance event.

    • Event time: July 17th ~ July 28th

  • Hero Summon Pickup : ★3 Hero: Grand Admiral Marina

  • Hero Summon Pickup : ★3 Hero: Idol Captain Eva

  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Marina] Armada

  • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Idol Captain Eva] Angel Voice

3. Evolution Stone Exchange

  • Added an Evolution Stone exchange system.

  • The extra Evolution Stones from a fully evolved Hero can now be exchanged for Hero Crystals.

  • 80 Rare Hero Evolution Stone can be exchanged for 1 Hero Crystal.

  • 40 Unique Evolution Stones can be exchanged for 1 Hero Crystal.

  • If you do not own the required number of Evolution Stones per grade, you cannot exchange them.

  • Press the "Exchange Evolution Stone" button to automatically select the Evolution Stone of the evolved Hero.

  • Normal Hero Evolution Stones cannot be exchanged.

  • Up to 20 types of Evolution Stones can be exchanged at once.

4. Equipment [Options Change]

  • A new item "Option Change Stone" has been added.

  • Equipment's additional bonuses can be changed by using an Option Change Stone.

  • You need 1 "Option Change Stone" to change the option.

  • If you do not like the changed option, you can cancel it.

  • The "Option Change Stone" can be obtained by exchanging Mirror Shards and also has a chance to appear in the Heavenhold Store.

5. Arena

  • The maximum number of Arena entries per day is now limited to 10 times.

6. Shop

  • These following packages have been removed from the Shop:

    • Monthly Package

    • Awakening Stone Package

    • Unique Hero Package

    • Rare Hero Package

    • 1+1 Gem Package

    • Stamina Package

  • Added new Shop packages:

    • Summon Every Day! Package

    • Summon Support Package from Kamazon

  • Added a new batch of costumes:

    • Pilot Marina

    • Rockstar Idol Eva

    • Student Uniform (M)

    • Otaku Gremory

    • Mechanic Hekate

    • Forest Golem Craig

    • Shaman Akayuki

    • Thousand Hand Aisha

    • Volleyball Player

7. Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the bug where the number of SNS followers didn't increase in the 4th stage of Once Upon a Time in Burywood.

  • Corrected the type of Strengthening Hammer that was sold in Heavenhold's Store.

8. UI / UX

  • Voice language selection has been added.

  • Added 9 additional languages to the game (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, Thai).

    • * Due to a technical issue with the additional languages, an error message will appear asking you to download resources every time you start the game, please check here for more details and updates regarding this issue.