Build version 1.4.4

1. Hero

  • New ★3 Hero: Scrivener Lahn

2. Equipment

  • New Exclusive Equipment: [Lahn] Pure Mind

  • New Exclusive Equipment: [Eva] Justice

  • New Equipment: Tiger Hunter Gauntlet

3. Event

  • Period: June 15th (Mon) ~ Before the next maintenance

    • New road map event "Scriptorium of Lahn" starts!

      • Added New event achievement

    • Hero summon pickup : ★3 Scrivener Lahn

    • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Lahn] Pure Mind

    • Equipment Summon Pickup: [Eva] Justice

    • Guild Raid Event: Dungeon in Dunes

      • Event time: June 19th ~ July 2nd

4. Adventure

  • Chapter 8 'Mt. Shivering' Part 2 has been added.

  • Nightmare Chapter 3 has been added.

5. Shop

  • Added a free event support package (10 days)

    • Sales period: June 15th (Mon) ~ July 1st(Wed) 15:59 (UTC+8)

  • Add a new batch of costumes:

    • Fairy Plitvice

    • Rockstar Idol Eva

    • Wedding Dress Knight

    • Blue Knight (F)

    • Mecha Karina

    • Cat Coco

    • Cherry Blossom Hunter Akayuki

    • Empress Mei

6. Arena

  • After winning a round by time out, the winner's HP was adjusted to match the remaining of the loser's HP in the next round.

  • The time it takes to open the boxes has been increased to 2 seconds.

  • The arena bug, where attacking during the countdown phase was possible, has been fixed.

7. Book

  • 3 new collections are added.

8. Other & Bug fixes

  • Fixed the problem where the Dark Dragon Staff did not display properly under Knowledge in-game.

  • Adjusted Chapter 8 Mt. Shivering's monsters layout and difficulty.

  • Added local push notifications in the following situations.

    • When the Arena opens.

    • When your stamina is full.

    • When the Colosseum tickets are full.

  • Added the ability to adjust your Frame rate under the Options menu.

    • 30, 60 (default), and 120 can be selected (the difference can be seen on phones that support 120 frame rate).

  • Minor balance fixes.