This is a new equipment type introduced with the Expeditions, and it is equipped in its specific gear slot.

These items have basic, sub and party set options:

Basic options: Original from the Relic. You may begin to change Basic Options of relics that have a rarity of Legend or higher.

Sub options: Obtained after a Relic is endowed. 

Party set options: Activated when all four heroes within the party have the same type of Relic equipped.

Relics can be enhanced using the Forge in the Farm, and there are four types with effects:

  • Guidance of Truth.
  • Solemn Ringing.
  • Holy Vow.
  • Eternal Unity.

Relics also grant Mystic Resistance, which is applied during Expeditions. If your Mystic Resistance is lower than the required number, your party stats will decrease:


This is one of the buildings that can be placed in your Farm. To unlock the use of the Forge, you will need to complete the quest "Trial of the Chosen One" in World 13.

In order to build a Forge, you will need to gather the required materials and use the Crafting Station to craft it under Building:

The Forge will grant you access to five different actions:


This feature can be used to either get Sub Options on a Relic for the first time or to reroll the current ones. You will need Glistening Powder to endow.

If the result obtained is not what you want, you can cancel it. 

Please note the material is still consumed.

It is possible to obtain an identical Sub Option when rolling using Endowment.

There is also a new feature: Auto Endowment

This feature will allow you to run different auto endowments until you manually pause it or until it automatically runs out while consuming the Glistening Powder. Once it's performing the auto endowment, you can click here to stop it:

Afterward, either by a manual pause or automatic completion, the window will let you cancel or complete the endowment:


A Relic can inherit the Sub Options from another Relic of the same type selected as material. This process requires a Relic Inherit Stone, too, and the Relic used as material will be consumed.

This is a quick way to transfer sub-options between Relics.

Break Down

You can break down a Relic to obtain Arcane Stones and their Superior version. The amount will differ based on the rarity of the Relic.

You can use the Arcane Stones as a currency in the Kamazon and Farm Shops.


This feature is unlocked once you reach Expedition Area 2 in Expedition, Rank 5 Chosen One.

Evolution will allow you to raise the rarity of a Unique relic to Legend.

The Basic Option granted to this evolved relic will either stay the same or be reconsidered to a higher stat. The evolved relic will inherit the Sub Option.
The newly added Basic Option via Relic Evolution will be chosen at random.

Basic Options and Change

This feature is unlocked once you reach Expedition Area 2 in Expedition, Rank 5 Chosen One.

Legend Relics can endow 3 Basic Options and can be changed by using Superior Arcane Stones, which can be purchased at the shop by Golden Petals or Arcane Stones, or by dismantling Legendary Relics.