1. Gold
  2. Gems
  3. Coffee
  4. Star Pieces
  5. Purple Coins
  6. Evolution Stones
  7. Awakening Stones
  8. Strengthening Hammers
  9. Battle Medals
  10. Soul Points
  11. Hero Crystals
  12. Dream Evolution Stones
  13. Mystic Thread
  14. Mileage Tickets
  15. Magic Metals
  16. Mirror Shards
  17. Bottle Caps
  18. Golden Petals
  19. Arcane Stones
  20. Glistening Powder
  21. Relic Inherit Stones
  22. Huntsmant's Memento



Use: You can use gold to buy items from the Shop. This resource is required when enhancing your equipment and in order to unlock some awakening nodes.
How to obtain: Can be earned as a reward in various quests, completing achievements, and selling items. You can also collect gold from your citizens in Heavenhold.


Use: You can use gems to summon heroes or items, buy items from the Shop, refill your Coffee, revive in certain stages, unlock the Episodes at the Inn and buy extra Awakening Dungeon Attempts.

How to obtain: You can earn gems in-game by completing quests and various achievements as well as by clearing stages in the Tower/Rift mode. Gems can also be a reward for Guild Attendance Reward or Princess’ Precious Present.


Use: You need to use coffee to unlock Adventure stages, and it is also the entry cost for Rift Mode, Tower Modes, and Expedition.

How to obtain: You can buy coffee in the Shop or refill it with gems, and earn coffee by completing certain in-game quests, Achievements, or defeating certain raid bosses. There are also daily rewards sent to your mailbox containing coffee.


Use: You can use them to unlock some Adventure stages, and buy items from the Shop.

How to obtain: You can obtain them from clearing additional objectives in Adventure Mode, defeating certain raid bosses, and through some Achievements. 


Use: You can buy items from the shop under the Purple coin category.

How to obtain: You can obtain purple coins by clearing levels in the Adventure Mode.


Use: You need Evolution Stones in order to evolve your hero and increase its star rank to get additional benefits.

How to obtain: You can obtain Evolution Stones by clearing levels in Rift Mode,  by completing Achievements, and by purchasing them from the Shop.


 Use: You can increase hero stats by unlocking nodes from their awakening board

 How to obtain: You can obtain Awakening materials/stones by participating in the Awakening Dungeons and completing Achievements.


Use: You can use Strengthening Hammers to greatly increase an equipment's enhancement level.

How to obtain: Can be found in various contents such as defeating certain raid bosses, Rift Mode, Shop, and as a quest reward from the adventure mode.


Use: Buy items from the shop.

How to obtain: Participate and win in the Arena mode, and from participating in the Raid fights against monsters


Use: You can use Soul Points to construct/upgrade/unlock buildings in Heavenhold - including Heavenhold’s Vending Machine, purchase Bait at the NPC, or other items at the Caravan Shop in the Farm, as well as clear debris in Heavenhold.

How to obtain: From your citizens in Heavenhold (keep them happy to earn more!).


Use: You can purchase Star Pieces and Dream Evolution Stones from the Shop.

How to obtain: When you acquire a Hero you already own. Normal Hero grants 1, Rare grants 8, and Epic grants 10.


Use: You can purchase specific Evolution Stones in the Shop.

How to obtain: You can purchase them in the Shop with Hero Crystals or obtain them through Event Missions.


Use: You can purchase Super Costumes in the Shop.

How to obtain: Can be obtained when crafting a duplicate Super Costume in the Merch Forge.


Use: You can use Mileage Tickets to purchase heroes and their exclusive weapons in the Shop.

How to obtain: You can obtain these tickets through Hero and Equipment Summons. 


Use: You can purchase random Mystery Exclusive Equipment, Option Change Stones, and Epic Limit Breaking Hammer in the Shop.

How to obtain: Can be obtained through Equipment Summons.


Use: You can buy special accessories in the Shop.

How to obtain: Can be obtained from the Mirror Rift in Heavenhold.


Use: You can purchase stones (e.g. Legendary Awakening Stone), Hero Crystals, Equipment Costumes, Aegis Shield, and Strengthening Hammer in the Shop. 

How to obtain: Can be obtained from Kama-ZONE challenges. 


Use: Can be used to purchase Mystery Relic Box in the Shop and to upgrade the Caravan Shop.

How to obtain: You might obtain Golden Petal when planting an Ancient Seed that can be dropped in Expedition or purchased in the Shop, and then harvested through the Farm. It's a rare resource.


Use: You can purchase Ancient Seeds, Relic Inherit Stones, and Mystery Relic Boxes in the Shop.

How to obtain: Can be obtained from breaking down Relics in the Forge.


Use: Can be used to endow Relics in the Forge.

How to obtain: Can be obtained harvesting the Ancient Seeds on your Farm.


Use: Can be used to endow the sub-option of the Relic to another Relic of the same type.

How to obtain: Can be purchased from the Caravan Shop and Kamazon.


Use: Can be used to purchase items like Stellar Essence on Kamazon.

How to obtain: You can obtain Huntsman's Mementos as a reward from Boss Rush.