Hero Ascent is available to heroes with their Limit Break complete, although only some are eligible, like Craig.

It requires Hero Crystals to use this feature to ascend a hero.

This feature will allow ascended heroes to have strengthened stats and newly opened Awakening Nodes. To unlock the Special Nodes via Hero Ascent will require Awakening Stones, Gold and Stellar Essence.

The Stellar Essence can be obtained from new content (to be updated). At the moment, these can be obtained through The Beginner Mission. 

Once heroes are ascended, please note the following:

1. Their rarity will not change.

2. You cannot place them in the Training Room, you won't be able to Ascend a hero if they are in the Training Room. 

3. The hero's illustration will change to the respective Ascent Illustration.

4. An Ascent Story will be added.