This is a PvE content where you will be able to fight waves of monster or a boss and obtain rewards like Relics. To access Expedition, you can click on the World Exploration Ship (1) and select "Expedition" (2):

Image 1

Image 2


There, you will have different Regions and Districts. You will have to clear them daily in order to be able to perform "Sweep" on them.


From these rewards, there is a chance to obtain "Area Map Piece" needed to enter the bonus Expedition Hidden Wonder, which grants more rewards than the standard expeditions.


The stages consist of waves of monsters until the stages ends or a boss you have to kill within the time limit. For this, you can set up a 3 teams, and switch them during combat:


The points obtained will be reflected in the Total Score panel. For the stages, the higher the points, the better the rewards you will receive.



Rank Up can be obtained by reaching a certain amount of points in Total Score. Once Rank Up is available, you can tap on the Rank Up button that should appear at the bottom of this highlighted notebook:

You will be able to move to the next District when you reach the required Candidate Rank for it.



This feature allows you to check your Expedition progress, some details of each District, Curios and the Archives: