A player has 72 hours to submit a ticket on such issues otherwise the claim will be rejected.

Customer Support can remove the item purchased by mistake or purchased on the wrong character using Credits/Manastorm Crystals and replace it with it value in Credits/Manastorm Crystals returned to you. Please specify in your ticket:

  • the item name you want to refund
  • the character's name
  • the server on which the item was purchased
  • Currency type used

- Customer Support is unable to refund consumable items.
- Items that have been already used, are not eligible for refunds.

- Items that unlock achievements may not be eligible for refunds.
- Items or Credits/Manastorm Crystals cannot be moved from one server to another or from one region to another.
- Additionally, bundle deals or package will only be removed and replaced with the equivalent value in Credits/Manastorm Crystals if no items in the bundle have been consumed. Partial refunds are not possible.